Does one wrong thing ruin you?

Yesterday I was reading a book about the Bible. Almost everything in the book is stuff I have heard before in college. Some of the images were new schemas of old information. 

The book is brilliant. 

Its thought provoking, encouraging, challenging, and frustrating. So basically it is one of the best books out there. 

75% of what is in the book, most people would agree with. The other 25% may be hard to swallow, buts its worth chewing on in the very least. 

The issue is the author. He is a great author, but because of perception and one decision about another book he wrote, most people who would agree with 75% of the book won't read it. 

So does it mean that the content is bad and not worth the read because of who wrote it? 

For many people, sadly, the answer is yes. 

If Timothy Keller wrote it, everyone would be talking about it. 

Buts it's not Keller's book and the new schemas of the Bible the Church needs to chew on are going to be missed. 

So, does one thing ruin you? Maybe it does.