TIME 100 - My 100-ish

Every year, Time Magazine publishes their list of the 100 most influential people. This year's list was full of fascinating people who have done some pretty incredible things. It got me thinking about influence, my future kids, and who has helped me. 

When my wife and I have kids, we want them to be surrounded by a plethora of people who will influence them. People who show them what it looks like to be a great husband or wife. Someone to show them how to work hard. Someone to show them how to dream. Someone to show them how to be a great friend. Someone to show them how to love unconditionally. 

But more than anything we want people to influence them and show them how to live like Jesus! 

Yes, it is our job as the parents to do this, but kids are raised by the community too. Betsy and I have incredible parents. We also had an incredible community who influenced us to become life long followers of Jesus. These people still influence us to this day. 

Thanks for influencing me and modeling what it looks like to live like Jesus.

(non comprehensive list in no particular order)

Moms, Dads, Tracy, Ed, Bethany, Fos, Johnny, Janelle, Don, J.K., Rich, Lori, Sheri, Tim, Clinton, Ethan, Jordan, David, Jason, Chad, Chelsea, David, Don, Ron, Tom, Brian, Marcia, Melanie, Kent, Tim, Rob, Dave, Todd, Jeff, Paula, Tim, Jan, Elaine, Vera, Barb, Michelle, Becky, Debbie, Joe, Cody, Chives, John, Brady, Miriam, Jonathan, Andrew, John, Dallas, Rob, Ann, Jim, Devin, Mike, Rob, Michael, Small Group Leaders, Trip Leaders, GNPC Leaders, College Teachers, Parents, Students, 

I hope I can be an influencer in someone else's 100. I hope you can too.