Sticking With Them

I was sitting at home reflecting on what happened in the 8th Grade Sunday School today, and I realized something that I have forgotten about recently. 

It makes me sad that I forgot this. 

Today marks a huge transition for these 8th Graders. It is their last month as Jr. Highers. Soon they will be moving on up to High School to start the next leg of their journey. I’m so pumped and excited for them. It has been fun to see them grow. This is the first group that I have been with for their entire Jr. High experience in Lincoln. 

I started teaching and growing with them when they were in 6th Grade. It’s cool to see how much they have grown over the last three years. The two groups before them grew a ton too, but I didn’t really get to see it like I have with them and the groups that will follow. 

There is something amazing that happens when a kid becomes a Jr. Higher, braves and grows in the three years, and then emerges as a High School Student. They look totally different, they think differently, and they are in many ways young adults who are trying to make sense of their world. 

Its fun to send them off, but it also is a reminder that we as Jr. High leaders need to stick with them. 

That’s what hit me today. 

We have to stick with them. They aren’t done changing. They have so many new things to experience in High School that will continue to teach them what it means to live Jesus’ life as their own. It’s so exciting!!! 

The biggest and most important role that a youth worker can have in a Jr. High or High School Student’s life is to be their advocate who is excited about journeying through life with them. We as advocates and partners help them become self-learners who can grow on their own and be secure in who they are so that they can be members of a community of curious explorers. 

Today, sitting at home, I realized that these students are moving on the next step, but their journey isn’t over. It is just beginning, and there are more advocates that these students are going to need as they continue to grow up and learn about this amazing God and His world. 

We have stuck with them, and we will continue to in a new, secondary way. 

This is exciting though, because new advocates can jump into their lives and continue with them on their journey toward Christian Maturity. WOW! That’s an amazing job! 

So here is the question for us all who love God and His kids - What is it going to look like for you to come alongside the students in your church to help equip them to be life-long disciples of Jesus? 

They need advocates.

Will you be one? 

I can’t wait to see the impact that your sticking with them will have in those students’ lives